Having a conversation with someone, particularly about a difficult, complex topic is challenging enough without using terms that might be misunderstood or might not mean or feel the same to different people.

The goal with this table is not to define or select preferred terms. It’s merely to point out that in some cases there is not agreement on what terms to use and if they’re helpful or not.

This is a work in progress – just draft, for now.

Term  Why some think this term is helpful Why some may think this term is unhelpful.
Racial Reconciliation
White privilege Simply put, whites in the US do not have to think about race / racism unless they chose to. For those of color, it is often a daily, ever-present thing. Some people of color don’t like the presumption of privilege that comes with the term.
Dominant culture privilege Some prefer this over ‘white privilege’ because to some extent, the ‘advantage’ goes to the predominant culture. Some don’t think this term truly addresses the existence of racism.
White supremacy
Native America